24v-48V Fast Charger



Flexibility & Scalability is the keyword for the FS9

The modular design utilizes one, two or three multi-voltage charger modules and is available in three phase configurations only.

The FS9 supports conventional charging of batteries up to 3375Ah and opportunity charging of batteries up to 2160Ah. Fast charging is available for batteries up to 1350Ah.

The FS9 is equipped with dual leads for high DC current applications with 300 amps per circuit to ensure safe operations and enabling use of either the SB350, SBX350 or Euro style connectors.

Our custom bracket accessories provide simple and cost-effective wall, shelf or floor installations.

The FS9 cabinet offers a scalable output power feature which delivers a maximum output of 540 DC amps at 24V-48V.

Spec Sheet
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