Introducing the ECO970 Series: modular charging, reinvented.

The ECO970 series offers a robust, compact and reliable solution for your fleet of industrial trucks. With an industry leading peak efficiency of 97.6%, flexible support for multiple battery types and CAN bus controlled charging, the ECO970 series charger can maximise your fleet’s potential.

  Key Features:

  • Flexible Charger Modules – All ECO970 charger modules can charge battery voltage from 24 to 96V, models are available for 200-240, 380 to 480 and 480 to 600V three phase mains supplies and 4.9 to 29.4kW output power.
  • Connectivity – devices can be connected to the ECO970 using USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and the ECO970 can perform BMS controlled charges over CAN bus.
  • Ease of Configuration – the ECO970 is configured through a web interface, and can be configured on many devices with a web browser without proprietary software.
  • Flexible Configuration – a single ECO970 can be configured to support a mixed fleet installation with different chemistries, capacities and manufacturers without the need for reconfiguration or operator input.
  • Daily Schedule – the ECO970 can be programmed to pause charging during periods of peak electricity demand to reduce energy costs.
  • BMM-BT Compatibility – the ECO970 operates with existing EcoCharge battery modules.

Additional Info: