The History of DC Power Technologies (DCPT) Charger Solutions

In 2013 the XHF Series Chargers made its name by being the first Charger listed in the United States on the California energy commission board website, while all other brand Mfg. had to re-engineer their charger to meet the CEC energy-efficient standards.

2014 DCPT introduced the first comprehensive wireless battery and charger network system ECO Connect.

2015 DCPT introduced the first Bluetooth technology for battery data retrieval device that reports warranty compliant data, while communicating intelligence that optimizes the charge profile back to the battery to provide optimized charge performances through PLC communications.

2015 DCPT first app was placed in the Google Play store for Android platform devices for Mobile Bluetooth connectivity directly to the battery module, BMMBT.

2016/2017 DCPT developed and introduced the first cloud base tool to deliver lighting fast data reporting tool, The ECOUplink , The eco uplink provides easy to read performance charts and analytics. Along with mobile battery index formulas and date forecast for the end of battery warranty life. Easy to save and instant share via email reports with dedicated push notifications for battery disparities & exception alerts to the maintenance managers.

2018 DCPT
introduced the first mobile power analyzer, 2 min. installation, ship to any installation for instant pre-summary report features.

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