Battery Data Management (BMMBT)

Data-Driven Visibility

See your batteries and chargers in the light of day for the first time. ECOConnect CNMS is a charger and battery asset energy monitoring system that provides you with the data to drive powerful insights in your organization.

From a user-friendly dashboard you can take in high-level statistics and statuses on all your batteries and Motive Power chargers or deep-dive into detail with logs on everything from install dates to temperature history charts.

CNMS gives you the complete picture so you can make informed decisions on where and how to best manage your assets, but also provides your technicians with the detail they need to respond quickly to maintain each unit. It’s simply a better way to manage your assets.

Achieve Greater Battery Fleet Efficiencies

The BMMConnect Battery Monitoring Module sets the standard in motive battery fleet management with its comprehensive range of battery monitoring, logging and
analysis capabilities.

The BMMConnect is the ideal solution for battery installations where logs are
required to monitor battery health and record energy throughput for warranty
purposes, with Bluetooth® allowing for easy data retrieval using Android devices.

When used with EcoCharge chargers, BMMConnect optimizes charging through real-time monitoring of the battery voltage and temperature, removing the need to have a dedicated charger for each battery type and capacity. Once the BMMConnect is programmed with all the required battery information and connected
to the charger voltage capacity, the profile information is sent directly to the charger.

It features a dual profile operation for installations that require opportunity or fast charge and maintains battery health through the use of a secondary conventional profile to restore the battery to 100% state of charge (SOC). It also records alarm events e.g., battery over temperature low electrolyte throughout the history of
the battery.

Critical Information, When You Need It

Stay on top of issues as they happen. CNMS is not just a repository of information, it’s a publication tool too. Subscribe to receive daily, weekly and monthly pre-defined reports via email to stay informed. New reports can even be customized for your organization.

But that’s just the beginning. Thanks to a sophisticated alarm system you can be alerted when an event happens so you can take decisive action, whether that’s resolving an urgent issue as it happens or scheduling maintenance for a non-urgent one.

Comprehensive alarm displays can be filtered to show urgent, non-urgent and informational alerts across the entire fleet or filtered to specific asset types and locations.

You can even save time on reporting. CNMS allows you to create quick charts of key battery information including state of charge (SOC), temperature and daily charge in/out statistics, and export them to CSV files for offline analysis.

Simple Usability and Scalability

Work faster and scale up easier thanks to no-nonsense UX design and a straightforward, transparent feature set that can be added-to as you need.

CNMS is one of the easiest-to-use battery monitoring tools available in materials handling. And that’s because it’s been designed for you and your team. From the dashboard that gives you everything from the helicopter view to deep-dives into battery logs, to the subscription alerts – it’s all designed to allow you to get more done in the time you have. Add to that Enatel Motive Power’s signature modularity, encapsulated by premium features you can add as you scale, and you have a system that ensures you only pay for what you need as you grow.

Analyze Your Batteries Today

Download the ECOConnect app via the Google Play store.
ECOConnect is an Android application for smartphones or tablets that will
enable your business to manage batteries, view status and download warranty
data logs to your device or view them in email. The ECOConnect app features
a Bluetooth wireless connection to the BMMConnect module, reducing fleet
downtime as trucks no longer need to be taken out-of-service to read data.

More importantly, it is so easy to use that anyone can extract and email logs to your battery experts, allowing more time for data analysis and less time for data gathering.

Premium features include more in-depth data logs for detailed battery use analysis.

We hope you enjoy your experience with the most reliable Modular Motive Power Technology in the United States! For over 25 years Enatel Motive Power has been engineering with modular design and manufacturing from Christchurch, New Zealand. Enatel Motive Power has been among the leaders in the Telecom, Solar inverter technology industries for Modular Power Rectifiers. The power modules deliver up to 95% energy efficiencies. While greatly reducing the size and foot print area by 70%.

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