E970 Report Feature

E970 report feature
ECO connect BMM data technology is the next level of producing battery performance. Reports require the BMM to be installed on the battery.

  • Life time amp-hour thru put
  • Life time discharge in kWh
  • Life time discharge in amp-hours
  • Life time Charge in kWh
  • Life time Charge in amp-hours.
  • Recharge in kWh
  • Live SOC
  • Battery warranty statics meter
  • Percentage in completed cycles
  • Cycles with voltage imbalances
  • Auto watering cycles
  • Cycles with low electrolyte
  • High temp cycles
  • Deep discharge cycles
  • Active alarms
  • Discharge activity
  • Total recharge time
  • Total idle time
  • Amp hour discharge
  • Temperature statistics
  • Start SOC/end SOC
  • Regen capacity return
  • Charge kWh
  • Min/Max currents
  • Start voltage/end voltage
  • 30-day view of activity
  • Total amps discharge
  • Total amps returned

We hope you enjoy your experience with the most reliable Modular Motive Power Technology in the United States! For over 25 years Enatel Motive Power has been engineering with modular design and manufacturing from Christchurch, New Zealand. Enatel Motive Power has been among the leaders in the Telecom, Solar inverter technology industries for Modular Power Rectifiers. The power modules deliver up to 95% energy efficiencies. While greatly reducing the size and foot print area by 70%.

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